by Portal PPGHI
Published: 06/06/2017 - 14:26
Last modification: 20/04/2021 - 07:27

The quality of the projects developed and the faculty of the Program has attracted doctors interested in performing the Postdoctoral Program. Some teachers of the Program have had postdoctoral guidance, and have a PNPD / CAPES grant.

In order to strengthen research, promote high-level studies, and reinforce the constitution of research groups and networks, the goal of the PPGHI-UFU’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program consists of inserting and integrating Brazilian and foreign researchers into the projects developed in our Lines of Research. Its general purpose is to increase the University’s levels of scientific excellence, to contribute to the education of human resources, and to disseminate the work of the PPGHI-UFU’s lines of research and groups, both nationally and internationally.

The Graduate Program in History adopts resolution 18/2015 from the Research and Graduate Studies Council (Conpep) as the only regulating guideline for applying to the Post-Doctoral Program.

Procedures to apply to the Post-Doctoral Program (PPD-UFU):

1) The application to the PPD-UFU must be forwarded by the responsible faculty member who will be indicated as the post-doctoral supervisor and must be a holder of a PhD title and be approved by the Collegiate Committee;

2) Proposals for Post-Doctoral Fellowships must be submitted to the PPGHI with the following documents:

I – research project containing the description of the activity plan according to the Program rules;

II – specification of the intended period of duration;

III – description of the needed materials, physical spaces, labs or other inputs that should be provided by UFU; 

IV – statement of agreement by the Director of the Academic Unit where the fellowship will be conducted in accordance with the needs described in item III;

V – form for the inclusion in the PPD-UFU;

VI – updated version of the Lattes Curriculum; 

VII – copy of PhD Diploma or certificate of conclusion of doctoral program;

VIII – Term of Commitment (Appendix I) and Statement of Acknowledgement of Intellectual Property (Appendix II);  

IX – statement from employer of educational or research institution or company, in the cases where the applicant possesses employment ties, complying with the terms for the leave or the need for dedication to the activities in the post-doctoral position; and

X – other documents deemed necessary according to the characteristics and needs of each proposal.    

Find the attachments for applying to the Post-Doctoral Program at the PPGHI below.